Your turnkey charging station for the ultimate peace of mind

Do you want to support sustainable mobility and install a charging station for electric vehicles without any hassle? ENGIE Vianeo will take care of everything ! 

Do you want to support sustainable mobility and install a charging station for electric vehicles without any hassle? ENGIE Vianeo will take care of everything ! 

A forward-looking decision 

Internal combustion engines will be phased out. By asking us to install a charging station for electric vehicles, you’re looking to the future for the planet, your customers and your consumers ! 

Positive impact  

You’ll contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and the acceleration of decarbonized mobility. 


Our electricity is from renewable sources and our kWh pricing is competitive and transparent.


Demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainable mobility.  


Provide your customers and consumers with an additional service that’s useful, inspiring and future-focused. 

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Quality service 

ENGIE Vianeo offers some of the most reliable charging stations on the market. Our certified EVCI1 experts provide you with a dependable and personalized service. They provide a rapid service across France, ensuring that a charging station is always available. 

Reputable and simple 

We use high-end equipment for charging stations that are very simple to use. 


Our charging stations are compatible with all electric vehicles: CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 connectors, fast and ultra-fast charging.  


Our operational teams are on hand across France and provide preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure maximum availability of charging stations. 

Here to help 

Our customer relations center is available 24/7 to answer questions from consumers and provide assistance.  

[1] Electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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We’ll take care of everything ! 

Not sure how to set up and operate an electric vehicle charging service? ENGIE Vianeo’s teams will support you and manage the project from start to finish. 


Our experts will work with you step by step to install a customized charging station. 


When you work with us, you’ll have a single point of contact who will be responsible for day-to-day project management. 


We’re here to create your charging station from start to finish: Engie finances, designs and installs the charging station and pays a fee to the land owner. 

By your side 

We oversee the charging station’s operation in the long term: supervision, maintenance, access, pricing and electronic payment. 

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The right solution for you !  

ENGIE Vianeo installs ultra-fast charging stations on roads and in car parks, for communities, distribution, hotels, restaurants, company fleets and more.  

Cities, towns and local authorities 

Do you want to encourage the use of electric vehicles in your area? We can help you create a network of public charging stations. 

Distribution, retail, hotels 

Do you want to attract and retain customers? We have the right charging stations for you ! 

Car park operators 

Do you want to ensure compliance with the French mobility orientation law? Our charging infrastructure can be adapted to your needs. 

Independent service stations 

Are you looking to decarbonise your infrastructure and shift from traditional to alternative fuel sources? We can support you in your conversion to electric power and help you invest in the installation of charging stations.


Every phase: design (analysis of the operator’s needs and site, determining a suitable solution), installation (administrative procedures, on-site project management, commissioning), operation, customer service and maintenance ! 

We can create a network of charging points without any investment from you. We prepare applications for funding (Advenir, Ademe, European subsidies, etc.), we build the charging station and install the charging points and we are responsible for all operational services. 

Installing a charging station is a good way to increase the value of your land while accelerating the decarbonization of mobility: this generates income and additional traffic to your site. What’s more, you’ll receive a discount when using the charging points and you’ll be paid a fee. 

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Keen to embark on this journey with us ?  

ENGIE Vianeo’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure might be just what you need. Have you got a question or a project in mind? Let’s talk. We’re here to help !